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Approach to Therapy

Depression, anxiety and problems in relationships often cause deep anguish and pain - just getting by each day can be difficult. We often struggle alone believing things will never get better or that no one could understand. Well-meaning friends and family urge us to “just get over it”, but that often that makes us feel even more isolated. 

I believe that all people are interconnected and our moods and behaviors are impacted by the

past, present and desire for the future. Many of our emotional reactions are influenced by past events and these patterns become deeply ingrained in our daily lives. We often learn about our emotions from our primary caregivers and our experiences throughout our lifetime. We carry these messages about our emotions (how we should express them, when we should express them, how much we should express them and even what emotions should not be expressed) and apply them in all of our relationships. People often enter therapy when they find that their ways of connecting and experiencing emotions are no longer working for them. It can feel overwhelming and exhausting when you are feeling so stuck. 


Every person possesses the potential to transform their life. Therapy is a place just for you, to be heard, validated and supported.  We will work together in a collaborative process to create the change you are hoping for. I recognize that the decision to pursue therapy can be a difficult process and I aim to help you better understand the issues you are dealing with and together develop healthy ways for you to cope. 

As a therapist, my goal for you is to be able to experience your emotions and learn from them.

Emotions inform you;  what is good for you, what is unhealthy for you and where you need to set boundaries. It can feel empty and bleak when you are feeling so alone. We will work to undo those feelings of aloneness.  You will start to feel empowered  to make healthy and positive changes in order to live your life with less pain and experience deeper connections with the people you love. 

I recognize that no two people are the same, nor are their problems. We will start therapy where you are in your journey and work to ensure that I individualize your treatment to meet your needs and goals. 

I am a therapist in Scotch Plains providing individual and family therapy both face-to face and via Telehealth.

Through my personal and professional life, I have gone through many changes – some of them I wanted; others caught me by surprise. I had the privilege to be surrounded by amazing sources of support, professionally and personally.

 I knew very early on that my purpose was to be in the helping profession. When I discovered the field of Social Work and the impact it could have on people's lives I knew this is what I should be doing. I've been able to appreciate what it means to heal and accept the process of receiving help and support. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience this kind of support.

I have been practicing social work for almost 20 years and I love being able to be a part of people's personal journeys of growth and positive change. My practice is  from a psychodynamic and attachment lens. The scope of my work includes adolescents and their families, young adults and adults doing individual, group, family and couples therapy.

I am also a mom of two young kids and have been able to use my family's  challenges as a way to learn, grow and ultimately better my work with clients.


One of the ways I find peace and sanity is through cooking. I love everything about the process from finding recipes, exploring new ingredients and making delicious (only sometimes nutritious!) foods for myself, family and friends. I have had many Pinterest fails in my baking attempts, but that hasn't stopped me or my family from eating the sweets! I also love to run and exercise. Nothing clears my head better than a good workout. 



  • Over 15 years of experience

  • LCSW in  New Jersey

  • Certified Clinical Supervisor in New Jersey

  • Suicide Bereavement Trained Clinician

  • Level 1 AEDP Therapist

  • Attachment Based Family Therapy Trained Therapist

  • Rutgers University Part Time Lecturer for the Graduate School of Social Work​​

    • Clinical Social Work I (Theory and Practice with Individuals)​

    • Clinical Social Work II (Theory and Practice with Groups, Families and Couples)

About Me

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