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Helping your teen to develop independence, problem solving abilities and to strengthen resilience

Teenagers face challenges that are significant, impactful and can shape who they become as adults. 


Teenagers are going through major changes to their body and mind. Physically, teenagers are more mature, and mentally they are better able to understand underlying reasons to rules and choices. The same changes also leave them with stronger impulses that are harder to control or think through. They are much more vulnerable experiencing pressure from friends, who are going through the same changes. Many teens experience their emotions in very big and strong ways which can leave them feeling out of control and helpless. 

Lonely Traveller
Woman on Window Sill
Low Self Esteem

Often teens struggle in silence with feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness and insecurities. It can be very scary to have to go to their parents or an adult to say that they need help and support. Sometimes they don't even have the words to fully describe what is going on, but all they know is they don't feel like themselves. 

Many teens feel nervous starting therapy, but usually within the first few sessions start to feel more comfortable. Teens find me warm, approachable and are surprised at how good it can feel to talk about their feelings. 


Help your child break free of problems, pain and feeling alone and help them to grow toward the successful adult you know they can be. Reach out for your free phone 15 minute phone consultation.

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